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Life shouldn't stop with a career ending disability. Thankfully, the Social Security Administration (SSA) through the Social Security program provides benefits and assistance to retirees, disabled, and to those surviving a death in the family. Through the Social Security taxes we pay, we are assured of benefits and claims in the untimely incident of a disability. The SSA is there to provide monthly benefits to the qualified disabled, their spouses, their children, and other family members. These benefits are taken from the monthly security taxes we all pay. As great as these benefits may sound, in reality, filing a disability benefits claim can be challenging. The process can take a lot of effort including: interviews, filing paper work, making several trips to hearings, and more. Understanding the entire process can often times be hard for the average person. In the untimely occurrence of a disability in the family, the last thing you probably want is to be burdened by trying to have your application and claim approved on your own.

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We suggest you talk to the pros. As you face a life changing disability, time is not on your side; the longer you wait to file for benefits the greater the effects on your family. Fortunately, there are ways to ease this sometimes-challenging process. That is where the Disability Guidance comes in. The Disability Guidance is a Social Security disability network striving to connect qualified disabled Americans to the benefits and claims they deserve. The goal of the Disability Guidance is to help support people in need of assistance. Filing for an application for SSDI or SSI can be a confusing process, especially for someone without the knowledge of the social security disability application process. Fortunately, the network of professionals connected by the Disability Guidance has extensive experience in helping the disabled file claims for benefits. They help each qualifying applicant from start to finish to ensure the applicant understands the process and gets the assistance they need and deserve as Americans. So before you begin the filing process on your own, submit a request to get trusted advice in SSDB law. The Disability Guidance includes lawyers and advocacies nationwide who are ready to help. Don’t risk being denied or potentially making mistakes that will slow down your application process - get professional help! Let our network of advocates do the work and rest assured your qualified claim will be given every chance for acceptance.

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